Engaging Patients Across the Surgical Care Continuum: A Call to Action

Unity Custom Care Addresses Shortcomings in Perioperative Care at THE Aesthetic Show 2017

How Aesthetic Surgeons Can Capitalize on Neglected Sources of Competitive Advantage

Businesses constantly search for ways to differentiate themselves. Marketing strategy teaches us that price and value are the two dimensions along which the competitive battle takes place. This article describes how aesthetic surgeons can achieve competitive advantage in each of these dimensions, and posits that surgeons are neglecting some key sources of advantage that offer new ways to gain a leg up on the competition.

Unity Custom Care Debuts Novel Service for Pre- and Post-Op Patient Care

Unity Custom Care Inc. recently debuted a novel service for pre- and post-op patient care that positions the company as a leader in perioperative care services.

"Surgery is a uniquely traumatizing experience, and patients and their families deserve better recovery support," Unity Custom Care CEO Amy Snyder explains. "Once discharged, Unity enables surgeons and hospitals to extend their care into patient’s homes while providing the daily human contact that patients strongly desire. Our mission is nothing less than to set a new standard of care for patients recovering from surgery."